Beautiful Countryside Church in Lancashire

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St John's Church Pilling

Whatever has brought you here today, it is our prayer that you will find strength and encouragement in your pilgrimage of faith.

S. John’s is your local Church of England Parish Church …

please come and join us

you will be made welcome by a congregation who are familiar with welcoming people back to Church. A Church familiar with greeting friends, both old and new.

Our congregation is not only composed of local residents, but many people also travel from far and wide to receive a special S. John’s welcome and to enjoy Worship. At S. John’s people find a haven of spiritual refreshment.

Please come along and be part of our Church family you will be made very welcome.

St John the Baptist Church

School Lane, Pilling, Lancashire, PR3 6HB

St John The Baptist Church Pilling

Contact Us

Application Forms for Baptism, Banns of Marriage, etc. can be obtained from The Vicarage. Please phone to make an appointment or see the contact page under the ‘About us’ menu.